- Andy s. -

After numerous years of grief, many thousand dollars wasted on at least 3 different self proclaimed Porsche workshops later, Leo managed to diagnose and fix the problem within 24 hours. I regret having experimented with all the other workshops, and wished I had gone to an officially certified Porsche Mechanic from day one.


- Victor c. -

My experience with Germantech was a rare one. Took my Royal Enfield there, had the intension to get my light bulb changed. So I asked them if they have any HID light bulb that would fit my motorbike. Suprisingly they had one but the bracket wouldn't fit my bike, so the team got together and customed one that would fit perfectly! Little that I know, Leo is also a biker himself and used to race too. Now I just need to make enough money to get myself a Porsche so I can send it to this guys.

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