Porsche Tuning

The question of whether or not a high performance car should be tuned is a very personal one. Many Porsche fanatics would argue that an authentic Porsche is far away from the ‘need’ to be tuned, modified or customized in any way.

Then there are those who enjoy tinkering and tweaking their Porsche vehicles, to make theirs truly one of a kind or perhaps “more perfect.” These types pursue the hobby of tuning their car to meet their personal demands or preferences. Naturally we believe that the Manufacturer, having tested and scrutinized your car for millions of test kilometers under ever-changing environmental conditions, setting numerous variant parameters, and applying valuable empirical data would have squeezed the optimum performance out of your car.

For exactly those reasons, any personalized enhancement in performance must be planned and executed professionally by carefully selected specialists who know their craftsmanship for decades. How else would we at German Tech Motorworks be able to ensure the daily reliability of your car?

This is why we have hand picked only a few partners for this collaboration, for which we can say their high level of expertise in the field of tuning meets the best quality standards, required technical excellence, and superior reliability we demand on behalf of our clients.

Should you require aerodynamic improvements or an optimization of your current ECU software, we are here for you to offer you our professional and individual tuning consultation.

Your German Tech Motorworks Team.




Project ’A Automotive

Established by a team with german roots in Hamburg, Project “A” has made it their business to remap and tune your vehicle in several stages. Individual maps are flashed online from Germany right into the brain of your car. Fun guaranteed & uncompromised!

Consult us for more information about the optimization of your vehicle and look up Project’A


Capristo Automotive GmbH

If you feel your car needs to have a stronger voice, but other tuners couldn’t offer you the right octave, we believe Capristo Exhaust Systems would have exactly what you are looking for.

Fitted with precision at German Tech Motorworks, check out www.capristo.de


Brembo S.p.A.

Naturally, being the original equipment manufacturer of Porsche we would recommend no other that the Italian brake builder for an optimal bite. Brembo has an endless history in racing as well as road brake performance.

Consult us or look up www.brembo.com

State of the Art Equipment

With the latest tools and state-of-the-art software, our team of specially trained technicians has set focus on the needs of your Porsche with the best competence level required to meet your expectations.

Experienced Professionals

With more than 30 years in automotive industry and nearly 20 years with PORSCHE, we leverage our superior engineering skills & ingenuity when customising or servicing your vehicle with the necessary ‘know-how’.

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German Tech Motorworks Sdn. Bhd. is open to offer you the best workshop experience through the latest tools & softwares our team of specially trained technicians use while servicing your PORSCHE car.