Porsche Pre-Owned Cars

Porsche pre-owned cars? – Yes, you may not be the first, but does it really matter? While people may change, a Porsche remains consistent. Which is why over two-thirds of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road. This durability inspires confidence and passion throughout our business. A Porsche thrills its owner, every day and every mile. But sometimes they part ways, to start afresh. Our Pre-owned Cars are inspected with a fine-tooth comb and restored to technical excellence before being offered to you. A German Tech Certified Car, thrills, just like the very first day – as there are no old Porsche. Only new owners.

We’re proud of our technicians, and no one knows a Porsche better than them. Every vehicle offered in our show room has been professionally prepared by our German Tech technicians, according to manufacturer’s standards.

111-point mechanical inspection, ensuring absolute mechanical integrity.

German Tech preparation standards, our technicians’ attention to detail will leave no stone unturned. German Tech approved parts, how else would you prepare a Porsche for the next stage of its life? We ensure more than just certified quality. We create trust.

We subject each and every certified pre-owned car to a full service and even check the electrical functionality right down to the last detail. You can be assured that your new certified pre-owned Porsche has undergone service and preparation worthy of the Porsche name and meets the standards you would expect of us.

A German Tech Certified Pre-owned Car offers you quality, peace of mind and, above all, plenty of driving pleasure.

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997C4S Pre-owned
718 Pre-owned
Audi Pre-owned

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State of the Art Equipment

With the latest tools and state-of-the-art software, our team of specially trained technicians has set focus on the needs of your Porsche with the best competence level required to meet your expectations.

Experienced Professionals

With more than 30 years in automotive industry and nearly 20 years with PORSCHE, we leverage our superior engineering skills & ingenuity when customising or servicing your vehicle with the necessary ‘know-how’.

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German Tech Motorworks Sdn. Bhd. is open to offer you the best workshop experience through the latest tools & softwares our team of specially trained technicians use while servicing your PORSCHE car.